"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"” - Maya Angelou


BeaconSkillz Recording Artist

Karice represents the true essence of growth and elevation, reminding us that there is nothing more valuable to an artist than being true to themselves.  Karice has a beautiful, rich and truly unique voice developed not in privilege, but through struggle and resilience.  

Throughout her childhood, Karice found inspiration from her mother who filled their home with soulful music.  It was during these formative years that Karice knew she would become a singer, a dream that she would never give up.  Like many artists, Karice would grow into a life where her dreams often took a backseat to life's challenges.  

Linking with BeaconSkillz producer Big Zo during the pandemic in 2021, Karice reclaimed her dream and set out to write and record songs that reflected her lived experiences while also showing a range of vocal styles.  The results are two EP's released on the independent BeaconSkillz label.  The first EP "Spirritated" was released in the Fall of 2022, quickly followed up by the self-titled "Karice" EP, dropping in late May, 2023.  Both EP's present listeners with a collection of heartfelt, sexy, hard hitting songs inspired by the passion, pain and love that is Karice.

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